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Foliar Fertilizer

The greatest benefit of foliar fertilizer is that plants absorb most of the nutrients through their leaves.

Flower Power foliar fertilizer is a powder form fertilizer that when mixed with water can be sprayed directly on the leaves.

Foliar fertilizers cause an increase in the plants sugar levels. Studies have shown that intake through leaves can be up to 10 times more effective.

Note: Foliar fertilizer is a very effective if used properly. Spraying your flowers cause a rotting process. Using foliar fertilizer is most effective before the plant reaches the flowering stage.

Foliar fertilizer can produce better yielding plants. Iron and phosphorus are some nutrients that have a hard time travelling through the plant, spraying these and other much needed nutrients ensure better intake. Spraying the leaves with a fertilizer prevents plant diseases and less chance of fungus. Foliar fertilizing has another great benefit, it increases the intake of nutrients from the soil.

When using a foliar fertilizer do not forget to continue with your soil fertilizer, this is not a substitute but an extra additive.

  • Dilute before use. To high concentration can cause foliage burn. If the leaves curl or look unhealthy in any way two days after spraying, dilute the mix by 50% and try again
  • Spray in a fine mist for best results
  • Use pH adjusted water or distilled water for making the solution
  • Preferably spray in the morning so the spray can dry during the daytime
  • Use twice a week for maximum results
  • For better nutrient absorption, make sure that your foliar fertilizer sprays reach the undersides of leaves, where the stomata are located.
  • Do not spray on the flowers
  • Use before flowering stage
  • Foliar feeding should not be done in the heat of the day. Leaf stomata (pores) close at temperatures above 30 degrees
  • Indoor use turn off lights
  • Outdoor use before sunrise and after sunset

Improves Reproductive Stage: Use a foliar application of liquid fertilizer before critical reproductive growth stages to compensate for stress due to adverse growing conditions or poor nutrient availability.

Extends Plant Functions: When the normal functions of a fully mature plant begin to decline, a foliar application of liquid fertilizer will help continue the movement of nutrients into seed, fruit, tuber or vegetative production.

Improves Crop Yields: An early application of liquid fertilizer can make a good crop even better by stimulating vigorous regrowth and maximizing critical growth stages.

Stimulates Absorption of Soil Nutrients: The use of foliar fertilizer enhances metabolism within the plants and creates a greater pull of nutrients from the soil.

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