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Soil Bacteria

Soil bacteria for your plants

When you are starting you own veggie garden you want to make sure that you have the best conditions. Soil bacteria can make this happen. Rhizobacteria (or root bacteria) are used to protect the roots of the plants, flowers, marijuana or trees you are growing. Bacteria in soil colonize the area around the roots of the shrubs. Pathogens will quickly move and beneficial soil bacteria will take their place. This way the roots will get strong and grow bigger and the soil becomes more fertile.

Bacteria in soil

Since plants cannot absorb nitrogen from the air themselves, they need the right soil bacteria to do this for them. When you use the bacteria soil of Flower Power Fertilizers (FPF), plants will have more nitrogen and phosphorus available for them. It also helps to form a strong root, fight diseases and turn brown leaves green again. We have different kinds of soil bacteria for all different plants. If you want to achieve the best result, don’t use the tomato fertilizer on your flowers and vice versa. We sell soil bacteria for flowers, grass, trees, tomatoes, climbing plants, fruits, hedges and for your vegetable garden.

Buy beneficial soil bacteria online at FPF

Flower Power Fertilizers is a company based in the Netherlands. We ship worldwide: if you are based in Europe, you will probably get your order within five days. At FPF we send our products in flat boxes which can fit your mail box. This way we are keeping our shipping costs as low as possible. All Flower Power Fertilizers are based on scientific studies, to optimize the growth of your flowers, plants, and trees. We sell both organic bacteria in soil as regular ones.

Why use FPF soil bacteria?

There are different types of soil bacteria. Our bacteria in soil feed on harmful bacteria, fungi, and nematodes. This way, these kinds of harmful elements have no power in your garden. Flower Power Fertilizers bacteria consist of natural growth regulators, like auxin, gibberellin, and cytokinin. Since these bacteria are taking up space, harmful organisms won’t be able to grow in between your plants.

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