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The Flower Power Fertilizers are based on scientific studies. Our fertilizers contain all the necessary nutrients to optimize the growth of your flowers, plants and/or trees. We provide fertilizers per group: for example tomatoes, grass, trees and more categories. Our  fertilizers are tailor made. We want to make sure each fertilizer contains what your plant, flowers or trees need most in their growth and bloom process.

Buy fertilizer online at FPF

Our webshop is designed to make sure you can find the fertilizer you need very easily. In a second of time, you will click on our user-friendly navigation menu, finding the right fertilizer for the flora you are growing. That means that buying your product online is easy and fast. Because we have no physical stores, our organization is extremely efficient. Therefore, our fertilizers have an excellent ratio of price and quality.

Worldwide guaranteed delivery

We ship our fertilizers and other related products worldwide. The packages are designed to fit in your mailbox. That way we can keep the shipping fee as low as possible. In Europe we can deliver within about two days, shipments to other continents take an average of five days.

the right nutrients

The best fertilizer for your flowers, plants, trees and more. Are you looking for a way to grow your flora to the greatest height possible? Then you’ve come to the right place. Because besides water and light, you also need the right nutrients. And that’s just what Flower Power Fertilizers provides you.

Improve your breeding

Welcome to Flower Power Fertilizers! With our high-quality fertilizers (basic line and bio line) you will make sure your flowers, plants and trees will grow out to organisms as strong and big as possible. Our experienced product developers are continuously looking how to improve our products. The products of Flower Power Fertilizer are the result of years of development. That’s why our products will improve the growth of your green, guaranteed.

Fertilizer for every purpose

Our flower power fertilizers provide your plants and trees with the most important nutrients. No matter what you are growing: beautiful flowers, delicious tomatoes, an impressive tree or maybe just grass. You name it, we have the right fertilizers.

What else do we offer? Well, amongst others Flower Power Fertilizers (FPF) stands for:

  • The best fertilizers available
  • Buy your fertilizer easily online
  • Shipment worldwide
  • Optimal price/quality ratio
  • Two main lines: the basic and the organic line
  • High service and personal approach
  • Our fertilizers are the result of years development
  • These fertilizers work guaranteed

Affordable prices for high-quality

Because we have no physical stores and only sell our products in our online shop, our organization is extremely efficient. In addition, our fertilizers are the result of years of development so that we can guarantee excellent quality. These two facts together ensure that our flower power fertilizers have an excellent price/quality ratio.

Basic fertilizer vs. organic fertilizer

Flower Power Fertilizers has a wide offer of products in our two beautiful product lines. The basic line contains very good fertilizers, selected and developed by our professionals. And recently we introduced our bio line with organic fertilizers. Fertilizers in this organic line are free of chemicals and are effective because of their natural ingredients, like plant extracts, good bacteria and more. The organic fertilizers are sprinkled on the soil while the basic fertilizers need to be mixed with water before using them.

High service by personal approach

We have taken every effort to help you to get the fertilizers you need. We made our shop as user-friendly as possible. If you are unable to find the product you need, despite our user-friendly webshop, please let us know we are very happy to help you.

Years of development

All the products of Flower Power Fertilizer are the result of years of development. As a result, the quality of our fertilizers is very good. Our fertilizers ensure the best result for breeding: exceptional healthy and vigorous growth of flowers, trees, and plants. Besides our basic and organic line, we offer flower fertilizers, tomato fertilizers, plant fertilizers and grass fertilizers. In other words: a product for each specific group.

Easy to use starter fertilizer

To make it even easier, you can also choose for a Flower Power Starter Package. This kit provides everything your plants need for a healthy start and complete grow cycle. You start with the fertilizer to upgrade your soil. In total you receive four fertilizers to complete the growing/flowering cycle of your plants, ending with the Boost fertilizer for an extra and last boost in flowering. Just add the right amount of water and start enjoying the growing experience.

Fertilizers that work

As mentioned earlier, our fertilizers are based on scientific studies. The nutrients are precisely balanced to what the needs of your plants or trees are. We wanted to make sure that using our products is no algebra for you, it must be easy. All you have to do yourself is properly dose the fertilizers. You can read more about it on our website. In addition to sunlight and water, fertilizers provide the optimum growth.


Flower Power Fertilizers is the most effective way to grow healthier plants.

Flower Power fertilizers is the ideal fertilizer for the beginner and the experienced grower.
Anyone can successfully grow to great heights with FLOWER POWER FERTILIZERS.
Contact us if you have any questions. We will assist you in any way we can.


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