Bio Humus

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Bio Humus is a high quality organic soil improving product, created for (trans)planting (ornamental) bushes, shrubs, trees and hedges in open ground (not in a pot).

Bio Humus contains nutrients for 3 to 4 months.

Never place a plant directly in this Bio Humus (it is too rich in composition), always mix it with soil first, 1 part Bio Humus on 2 parts garden soil.


Usage Use 1. Make the plant hole twice as large as the root ball of the plant to be planted. 2. Mix 1 part Bio Humus with two parts excavated soil. Continue to add 100 gram Bio Humus to the plant hole. 3. Add this mixture to the plant hole and properly mix the fertilizer (prune the roots, so that the new roots can quickly grow). 4. Fill the plant hole with the rest of the soil and the mixture. Press firmly and add plenty of water.Add some nutrition once the plants bloom.