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The Bio starterkit has been created especially for the small scale horticulturist who wants to achieve high quality results in his garden, greenhouse or a vegetable area.

The starter kit contains absorbable nutritional elements needed by plants and are suitable for all stages in the growth and flowering phases in the garden.


The organic upgrade mix:

The high-quality Endo-Mycorrizha that have been added to this mix will have a positive influence on the root development of the plants and will enable better nutrient uptake and thus make them more resistant to changes (stress).

The added soil bacteria ensure rapid transformation of materials which will allow the plants to instantly  absorb them.

Further additions to the upgrade mix are seaweeds and bone meal for optimal lifespan.


The flowering period mix:

The flowering mix contains seaweeds for a stable pH in the soil, as well as calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, phosphorus, sulphur compounds, and trace elements


Bio hp boostermix:

This Organic PK Booster regulates the absorption and transportation of nutrients and plays an important role in flowering and fructification process for pot, container and garden plants.

Due to the high levels of potassium and bone meal, the plants will obtain larger yield as well as significantly increase taste,  smell and quality.


Quantity Pack 1 pack
NPK 8 15 17
Usage Mix Organic upgrade mix through the soil surrounding the plant and make sure to provide plenty of water. (400g per 2m) If the plant is currently flowering or ready to flower, apply the bloom nutrients to the plant the second week by spreading approximately 30 grams (one hand is about 30 grams) of nutrients to the soil. Repeat bi-weekly. The last 4 weeks of the flowering stage you can add the PK booster. Apply 10 grams once a week on the soil. After harvest, make sure to remove the top 7 cm/2.75 inch layer of the soil in order to remove the Allmix flowering period and the Bio-Pk booster residue so you can start fresh next season or growth. When using the Flower Power Bio starterkit the water does not require deacidification. POPULAR