How do I sow carrots?

Carrots are healthy, tasty, and fun to grow. You do need some patience, because after sowing you have to wait about three months before you can harvest. But the cultivation is very easy, you have little to worry about. And the best of all: they are very tasty, especially from your own garden!

When do I sow carrots?

You can sow carrots (not to be confused with winter carrots) between the beginning of March until the end of July, in full ground.

The pre-sowing of carrots in pots is actually not very easy. Carrots make a long root under the ground, so for the cultivation in a pot you need a very deep pot. And because carrots only produce one very long root, it is very difficult to plant it in another pot. The transplanting can also attract small flies that lay eggs on the roots. The larvae then eat the root in summer. So, in principle, it is all better if you simply sow the seeds directly in the ground. It can still be cold in March but this doesn’t matter for carrots.


Where do I sow carrots?

Carrots love a sunny spot and a light and airy soil. On heavy clay soil, the carrots can not grow very well straight down and they can sometimes branch or get blunt instead of being pointy (but that doesn’t make them less tasty, though!).

If the soil is very heavy, you can help your carrots by mixing some sand through the top layer so it will be a bit easier for them to grow.

How do I sow carrots?

Make a shallow hole in the ground and place one seed every three centimeters. Cover the seeds with some sand and give the first weeks regular and gentle water with a plant spray.

Carrots germinate very slowly, it can take three or four weeks.

How do I care for carrots?

Carrots do not need much nutrition. But it is strongly recommended to give them a good, balanced fertilizer that is specially developed for vegetables and contains all necessary nutrients. Water occasionally if it does not rain.


How do I harvest carrots?

If you sweep the soil around the carrots half a centimeter away, you can see the top of the carrots. If you find it thick enough (about two centimeters is a nice size) you can harvest the carrots.

In sandy soil you can do that by gently pulling the root from the soil. On heavier (clay) soil you can get the root out of the ground by placing a fork or shovel about 10 centimeters next to the carrots as deep as possible in the ground, and then lift the carrot with root and all.

Turn or cut the stalks with the leaves immediately after harvest. If you leave the leaves, the carrots will soften after a few hours.

You can keep carrots (without leaves) for a few days in a cool and dark place. But best is to harvest carrots as short as possible before you eat them.

Then they are the tastiest!  

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