How to keep your lawn green and healthy.

Keep your lawn green and healthy

If the lawn is not fertilized in the spring or summer, the nutrients will have completely disappeared from the soil at the end of the summer.

Your grass court then falls short of power so that the grass can no longer compete with moss. This results in a weak grass growth with dry, bald spots and brown color as a result.

It is therefore necessary to fertilize your lawn twice a year. This also applies to the rest of your garden. Just like people, your plants, trees and shrubs need regular nutrition. They love a healthy lifestyle, just like you!

There is nothing like 

a bright green and well kept lawn.

Besides daylight and water, all your lawn needs is Flower Power Fertilizers. Our grass fertilizer has balanced nutrients in order to make sure the grass in your court grows strong and evenly divided over the entire surface.

The first fertilization

The first fertilization takes place in the spring. This way the lawn has enough nutrients for up to 4 months.

The second fertilization

Due to the warmer temperatures, the lawn needs extra nutrition in the summer.

It may be that your lawn has got bare and dry spots. To prevent this, or to have it repaired quickly, a second lawn fertilization is highly recommended somewhere in June.

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at Flower Power Fertilizers.

The extra nutrients protect the lawn against bacteria and fungi and ensure that the quality of the lawn remains optimal.

Grass fertilizers

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