Why do plants need fertilizer?

Plants, shrubs and trees need besides water and light nutrients to grow well, to bloom and to give fruit. Due to a natural process nutrients automatically enter the soil. But sometimes this cycle is disrupted. The soil then contains too little nutrients for plants to grow and flower optimally. In that case it is good to extra fertilize your garden.

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What are the most important nutrients?

Every plant needs specific minerals and trace elements to grow and thrive. These are dissolved in water and taken up by the plant through the roots. That is why water is also important, just like air.

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The three essential elements that all plants need are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (N-P-K)

- N (nitrogen) is necessary for the healthy growth and green color of the plant.

- P (phosphorus) promotes flowering, the formation of healthy roots and the ripening of seeds.

- K (potassium) ensures the absorption and evaporation of water and is important for the firmness of a plant.

- Ca (calcium) determines the firmness of the cell wall and regulates water absorption.

- Mg (magnesium) is important for the leaf green.

Our mixed fertilizers contain the most important elements: N (nitrogen), P (phosphorus) and K (potassium). But we also have fertilizers specifically for a particular plant species, or for the specific growth phase in which the plant is in.

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Keep in mind that plants can have too few minerals, but also too much. So avoid giving too much fertilizer at once. Please check our feeding schedules for the correct dosage.

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Have fun gardening!

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