5 forgotten veggies that you will never forget from now on.

Forgotten vegetables are veggies that have fallen out of favor and do not often occur anymore. But fortunately, they are on the rise again.


Some of these vegetables have regained popularity and meanwhile we can’t actually call some of them 'forgotten' anymore. One of the reasons is that restaurants and chefs use them to create new taste experiences.

In this article you will get to know 5 forgotten vegetables, which you won’t forget afterwards. Grow them in your own garden and enjoy their unique tastes!


Before the potato became popular, it was parsnip that prevailed in lots of dishes. Today, more and more vegetable gardeners start experiment again with this vegetable.

Jerusalem artichoke

Jerusalem artichoke blooms at the end of the summer with yellow flowers. The tubers are often described to have a typical nut flavor and are very popular with meat and game dishes.


Kohlrabi belongs to the cabbage crops. It forms a thickened stem from which leaves emerge. You can also find them at groceries and in the supermarket, where they are green and purple. You can bake them, but they are the tastiest if you eat them raw and crunchy, in a salad.


Chard is popular because of the bright colors that stand out in the crowd. It is a leafy plant, whose leaves or leaf stalks are eaten as vegetables. But you have to love the taste, which is rather earthy. It also tastes a bit like spinach, and in the leaf the taste of beetroot can be recognised.

Root parsley

This root vegetable nowadays wins a lot of hearts for itself. Root parsley is, as the name suggests, a parsley kind of which the thickened carrot is eaten. The carrot looks like a small version of the parsnip. The taste resembles parsnip and celeriac, intense but sweet. The carrot is rich in carotene, vitamin B2 and C.