How to plant and treat a climbing plant

Climbing plants literally give a new dimension to your garden. Climbers make use of space that remains unused in many gardens: the height. With climbers anything is possible. They can decorate a wall, grow against a garden fence or climb a tree or pergola. They bring color to your terrace and can even be used as an alternative hedge or ground cover. With colored flowers or evergreen leaves, climbing plants provide a pleasant vibe in every garden.

climbing plants on a wall

Climbers are plants that get off the ground on their own, assuming there is some kind of support such as a fence or a tree. And then there are the so-called creepers that can also grow up, but are mostly valued as ground covers.

Get your climbing plant off to a good start with the best plant nutrients.

Planting a climber (or creeper) is similar to planting a normal plant. There are, however, two important things that you have to take into account. In the first place, keep in mind that climbers often have to deal with 'poor' ground at the edge of a wall, or near a fence. On these spots, nutrients are often scarce and there is not always enough sunlight or water. It is possible that insufficient rainwater can reach the plant roots.

climbing roses against a stone wall

Give your climber premium treatment with high-quality fertilizer.

Before planting, make sure you prepare the soil well with plant nutrients. Add the right amount of high-quality fertilizer that is specially composed for climbers and creepers. The soil where climbing plants are planted is often dry and is poor in nutrients.

Plant your climber about 30 centimeters away from the object you want your plant to climb up against. Not all climbers just climb out of themselves against a wall or fence. Most plants need a little help by, for example, attaching horizontal wires (every 40 cm) to the fence or wall.

When planting, tilt the rootball in a 45-degree angle, pointing it in the direction you want the plant to grow in. Keep your plant well watered after planting.

climbing plants on a wall