Nature can have incredibly positive effects on us. While plants are commonly used to decorate a home or office, or to brighten up a store, many plants can improve the flow of positive energy. Certain plants are capable of purifying the air by filtering harmful chemicals while others can provide a sense of well-being, peace and even relief from stress.

You can never have too many positive vibrations, so here are some good plants that can bring an extra dose of positive energy to your life.

Peace Lily:
Some plants such as the "Peace Lily" naturally eliminate many of the allergens and volatile organic compounds that are present in cleaning products and in most air conditioning units. It improves the flow of energy in the home by purifying the air and neutralizing harmful gases inside. It has the ability to improve mental, spiritual and physical balance.
This plant grows well in shaded or dark environments, like an office or in a corner. Placing them in the bedroom will promote a sense of tranquility and a restful sleep.

Snake plant:
In addition to purifying the air, the snake plants cancel the positive ions emanating from the electronics, with which we are increasingly surrounded.

Jasmine attracts positive energy and helps strengthen relationships and build romance. Its sweet and pleasant smell can help calm the stressed mind and provide energy. This plant helps with the ability to manifest prophetic dreams, while stimulating the heart chakra. It should be placed near a window facing south when indoors.

Aloe vera:
This plant is perhaps the best on this list. It has numerous beneficial properties for health. Some of its benefits are: it provides happiness and positive energy, while at the same time it eliminates "bad" vibrations and can combat bad luck. Its leaves and stems contain a jelly substance that helps to cure skin conditions, especially if the skin has suffered a burn. This plant needs small amounts of water and much sun.

Romero promotes physical and mental well-being while purifying the air to keep your home free of harmful toxins. The smell of rosemary can instantly elevate your mood, reduce fatigue, combat anxiety, improve memory and treat insomnia. A rosemary bush by the door of your house is a wonderful protector of keeping negativity out. Keep the rosemary in a sunny place and be careful not to over water it.

Ivy is among the most efficient air purification plants. It has the ability to eliminate all air pollutants, as well as create a safe, positive, calm and relaxed environment for life.

Sage has remarkable cleansing properties that can help remove negative emotions such as anger and fear. It stimulates the flow of positive energy and is also considerably beneficial due to the many medicinal qualities it possesses. It should be kept in dry areas with little humidity.

The orchid has long-lasting flowers that come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and has a sweet and pleasant fragrance that serves to improve the mood. It can not tolerate stagnant water, so make sure it has adequate drainage. Orchids release oxygen at night, so the bedroom is a good place to keep an orchid.

Basil is a plant that attracts positive vibrations to the environment. It is one of the rarest plants that emits oxygen for 20 hours a day while eliminating any toxin. It is one of the most incredible plants to keep at home, not only for cooking, but also for its ability to heal irritations, cleanse toxins and strengthen spiritual strength. Place in the sunlight.

Oregano is a wonderful herb to have in your home. Its fragrance induces happiness, peace, love, spiritual cleansing. As tea, it helps to relieve many illnesses. Oregano is perfect for eliminating negativity and welcoming good energy into your space. The best place for it is in the sunlight in a kitchen.

So ...   Do you feel inspired to bring some magical plants to your home and work area?