Radishes are very tasty. Sow these bright, crunchy delights in your own garden!

If you like the spicy taste of radishes, then it’s definitely worth it to sow them in your own garden. Radishes grow best in cool conditions (in spring and autumn), and they germinate and grow very fast.

Radishes from the supermarket taste a bit spicy, but you can not compare that with home-grown radishes; they are just as tasty, but much spicier in flavor. Radishes are delicious in salads, on a sandwich or as a healthy snack.


Radishes plant

The radish is a small and annual plant, the leaf doesn’t exceed 15 to 20 centimeters. The radish itself is a tuber. Radishes germinate fast (depending on the temperature within a few days to 2 weeks) and grow quickly, within 6 to 8 weeks after sowing you can harvest radishes.

Growing radishes

The cultivation of radish in the summer sometimes causes problems. They often taste bitter and don’t have that crunchy bite. Therefore it is better to grow them in the spring or autumn.

It’s best to sow radishes on the spot in full ground, in not too thick rows (if you sow too thick the radishes can not develop properly and remain small). Make a small hole in the ground with a stick or your hands and sow the seeds in there (every 1 to 2 centimeters a seed). Finally, cover the seeds with a thin layer of sand or soil (preferably sand for the simple reason that this immediately marks the line). Water regularly. Depending on the period and temperature, radishes germinate within 5 to 14 days.

Fresh radishes

Types of radishes

There are two important varieties of radishes: for outdoor cultivation and for greenhouse cultivation. For growing under glass you can use varieties with short leaves. Check the descriptions when you buy your seeds. In supermarkets you mainly see the classic red round radishes, but there are quite a lot of nice other colors and varieties. From horseradish to watermelon radishes and Spanish radishes. It’s fun to experiment with them in your own garden.

Radishes plant fertilizer

Radishes are very easy to grow, taking off and producing with little to no human intervention. But they grow a lot better with a little help in the form of vegetable garden fertilizer. Just before you plant your radishes, you should work some high quality fertilizer into the soil.

Radishes grow much better with a little help from a high quality vegetable garden fertilizer.

Give plenty of water regularly so that the radishes can grow steadily. The fertilizer ensures that the tubers develop better.

How do you harvest radishes?

Harvest the biggest radishes from the row, the rest (the smaller) radishes then immediately get more room to grow. Give the row of radishes that remain some water because sometimes you damage some roots. With water you ensure that the remaining radishes can continue to grow.

Pull the radishes out of the soil by grabbing them from just underneath the leafs. Wash them with water to rinse of the soil. Remove the leaves at home immediately so the radishes remain hard. You can’t keep radishes from your garden for long. But if you pull off the leaves, you can refresh the radishes by placing them in cold water.

Serve radishes all on their own, on a sandwich with a bit of butter and salt, or toss them sliced into a green salad.

 sandwiches with different healthy toppings such as radishes