Grow your own vegetables? Start with a square foot garden!

A vegetable garden requires a lot of attention during the growing season. It doesn't have to be every day, but once or twice a week at least. Young plants can dry out quickly if it is too dry, snails or birds can cause damage if we do not pay attention, and so on.

vegetable garden

Experienced vegetable gardeners manage to overcome these problems, but for a beginner with little time it can be difficult. That is why a beginner is actually better off with a balcony or terrace garden, before taking the step to full size vegetable garden.

Create your own mini vegetable garden

But what about the 'square foot garden', to start with? In this method we start with a wooden frame, which is divided into small boxes of about 30 x 30 cm. The frame (the box) also fits in a small garden, and is easy to maintain. Inside the box you place potting mix (compost) and sometimes vermiculite.

At the bottom of the box, cloth can be placed to separate your soil from the ground. However, the box can also be placed directly on the earth without separation, but then in time the filling will mix with the ground below.

The creator of the square foot garden (Mel Bartholomew) asked himself a number of things: Why, for example, do you fertilize and cultivate the entire field if you only plant 25% with vegetables? Why do you sow whole seed bags when you have to remove most seedlings afterwards? Why do you have to spend so much time on weeding? Why do you sow in rows? Why do you sow more than you can eat?

Gardening gives a lot of satisfaction

The square foot garden doesn’t give so much yield in comparison to a complete vegetable garden, but it is very satisfying. After all, it is easy to give everyday attention; give some water or remove some weeds.

vegetable garden

The rich, airy and moist soil mixture always ensures good and healthy growth. Digging is not necessary, and the weed growth will certainly be limited in the beginning because the soil material doesn’t yet contain weed seeds.

Enjoy fresh fruit, vegies, herbs and flowers all year round.

The box can be placed in an easily accessible location. A square foot garden is a very nice and simple method to get started with gardening. Start with easy vegetables such as lettuce, endive, carrots, radish, low green beans, strawberry, and also put some herbs in it. 

Use good quality fertilizers for your garden

Add good quality fertilizers to the soil mixture every year to keep fertility up to standard.

Hopefully we have inspired you to get started with gardening. Check this blog regularly for updates and special offers.

Lots of gardening fun!

square feet vegetable garden