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Need your plants to bloom? Check out our FLOWER POWER Bloom Fertilizer.

Complete NPK fertilizer for great growth and great production.

FLOWER POWER Bloom Fertilizer is a potent, fast acting, high phosphorous plant fertilizer that also contains just the right amount of nitrogen for growth and vigor. Contains many trace minerals

Before Blooming

The Bloom fertilizer contains all three macronutrients for plant growth, but the mixture has an especially high concentration of phosphorous. While high nitrogen content encourages the growth of foliage, an abundance of phosphorous encourages plants to produce plenty of strong, healthy flower buds. Flower Power recommends you start applying this fertilizer when the plant is first beginning to form flowers. This ensures the plant has plenty of phosphorous available for other key functions.

During Blooming

Both perennials and annuals will stop flowering if phosphorus levels get too low. Phosphorus is used in most vital functions of a plant, so continuing to apply Bloom fertilizer through the flowering stage will encourage new buds to continue forming. The manufacturer recommends applying this fertilizer every seven to 14 days while the plant is in full bloom. Flowering house plants can handle a continuous diluted dose of the fertilizer throughout the year to encourage constant blooming.

For Vegetables

A fertilizer with high phosphorous levels, like Bloom fertilizer, may also help encourage production in vegetable gardens. Nitrogen-rich mixtures are acceptable for plants grown primarily for their leaves, but they can cause fruiting plants to spend more energy on leaf production than necessary. Increasing flower production also increases your potential for a big yield of watermelons, bell peppers or tomatoes.

High potassium (K) content. NPK 15 - 6 - 30.

Ideal for flowering pot plants and cut flowers.

Suitable for ANY grow medium, e.g. potting soil or hydroponics.

Available in 100 gram sachets.


NPK 15 6 30
Usage Gradually build up from EC 1.0 to 1.3; dissolve about 0,5 to 0,75 gram in 1 liter tap water (20ºC). Stir well and if necessary adjust to the optimum pH value 5.8 to 6.5. An easy way to start your grow cycle.