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Guano (manure) is a source of natural NPK: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

Guano also contains large amounts of magnesium, calcium and enzymes.

That is why it is an important source for young plants.

The organic guano that we sell gives the nutrients of your plants gradually for a period of four months.

Guano (manure) is well used around flowering plants and fruit trees, but it is also a great natural fertilizer for other trees and plants.

Guano fertilizer optimizes the taste, quality and harvest of your hard work.

The guano from Flower Power Fertilizer (FPF) is an organic fertilizer with a natural base. This organic guano is part of our Flower Power Bio Line.

It contains 11% phosphorus, which is very important for the new roots of young plants.

It also increases the resistance of plants against microbial attacks.

We are convinced that your time and effort to make a new flowerbed or grow fruit trees will make the best of it.

So do not forget to pamper your plants with our guano.


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